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Create appealing AI assisted Release Notes in Azure DevOps

Automate changelog creation in Microsoft Azure DevOps and keep everyone in the loop.

Available for Azure DevOps Services & Server

AI assistance with OpenAI

User friendly process integration

Automate with Pipeline Extension

Upgrading your Azure DevOps with a professional changelog generation

Development teams can plan better, collaborate easier, and deliver their code faster with Azure DevOps. Don't lose all these benefits by letting your work go unnoticed. Complete Azure DevOps with Release Notes for DevOps and get the modern development service you need.

Release Notes for DevOps seamlessly integrates with Azure DevOps processes like Scrum and allows automation via the Pipeline Extension.

Utilize AI to enhance or auto-generate your Release Notes

With the integration of OpenAI, there's a new horizon for changelog creation. Now, developers and teams can effortlessly generate changelogs directly from work item descriptions.


Additionally, the advanced AI capabilities can be utilized to refine and improve the content, ensuring clarity and precision.


This melding of technology streamlines the process and elevates the quality of release notes to a new standard. Use the OpenAI integration for even more automation. Get the most out of Azure DevOps with Release Notes for DevOps!


What makes Release Notes for DevOps the obvious choice?

Release Notes for DevOps provides you with the essential features you need to create Release Notes in Azure DevOps.

Take advantage now!

Automatic release to repository

Using Release Notes for DevOps, you can auto-publish changelogs to a Git repository.


We utilize this feature to directly update our public documentation in Markdown format.

Different output types

Download release notes as PDF, HTML, or Markdown, offering flexibility in publishing choices.

Utilize various output formats for optimal distribution and presentation of your changes.


Suppression of a status change

Ensure every Product Backlog Item and Bug has an accompanying changelog.


Restrict setting a work item to "Done" status until its changelog is completed.

This ensures a higher quality of your release notes.

Various styling options

Customize your Release Notes to your preference.

Incorporate your logo, craft a prologue, or rearrange the sequence of displayed work items.

Benefit from the integrated WYSIWYG HTML editor, which provides extensive formatting options for your changelog.

Increase your customer satisfaction by providing professional release notes

Providing release notes to customers, partners, and teammates is crucial for software developers. Keeping stakeholders informed about updates and new features is vital for system functionality and timely configuration adjustments.

Publish to Git repository

3 output file types: PDF, MD & HTML

Available for Azure DevOps Services & Server

Create your own layout

Never let a change go unnoticed again with Release Notes for DevOps

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